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We want to hear your stories about using the Green Book and traveling during the Jim Crow Era.                   Contact us using the form below or reach out to us through Twitter and Facebook.

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Share Your Home Movies, Photos & Travel Stories!

The team behind Driving While Black wants to add your home movies and travel stories to the film. We want to preserve important sources of African American history and include videos to encourage discussion about the topic of African Americans and the automobile in the United States. 

We are specifically interested in family vacations, trips to the national parks, families and individuals with their automobiles, and visits to historic sites.

If your movie is selected for use in Driving While Black, you will receive a DVD copy of the documentary.

To submit your video, send a DVD or digital copy. Clearly mark your submitted disc with your contact information. Include a short description of your photo and/or video. Personal stories are preferred via e-mail.

Send your movie(s) to:

Steeplechase Films

c/o Driving While Black Team
2095 Broadway, Suite503
New York, NY 10023

or digitally via e-mail to:

We will take the best care of your submissions, although we do not take responsibility for items lost in the mail. It is our recommendation that materials are duplicated before sending an original.